5 Week Online Journey For Anyone Looking To Start Their Career In Technology Sales

How does Austin Sales Academy work?

Step 1

Sales Exploration Course
(1 Week)

Step 2

Austin Sales Academy Bootcamp
(3-6 Weeks)

Step 3

Technology Sales Job
(Typically within 90 days)

Class Curriculum

Why a Careeer in sales - 1 hour

Video – Why Sales?

Mobility and Sales

Why is Austin an Attractive Hub for Sales?

Top 15 Sales to Advance Your Sales Career

Compensation Models

Accountability and Sales

Section Test – Why Sales?

What are typical sales roles - 1 Hour

Video – Sales Roles

Types of Sales Roles

Sales Specialty Maps

Activity: Search Job Listings

Sales Roles Survey

Section Test: Sales Roles

What is Business to Business (B2B) Sales? - 1 Hour

Video – What is B2B Sales?

B2B vs B2C Sales

Articles: B2B vs B2C Sales

Section Test: What is B2B Sales?

What is the Business to Business (B2B) Sales Process? - 1 Hour

Video – Sales Process

Sales Process Articles

What is Qualifying?

Top 30 Open-Ended Questions

7 Reasons Sales People Don’t Close the Deal

Section Test: B2B Sales Process

How do you prospect? - 1 Hour

Video – Prospecting

A 3-Step Guide to Performing Prospecting Research

18 Places to Research a Prospect Before a Call

The Seven Mindsets of a Fanatical Prospector

Section Test: How to Prospect

Are you a fit for sales? - 2 Hours

Video – Assessing Your Interest and Fit for Sales

Self Assessment Advice

Five Characteristics of Sales Assessment

Angela Duckworth Assessment

Seven Mindsets Assessment

Sales Criteria Survey Assessment

Assignment: Report Results

Online Learning - 3 Hours

Why Customers Buy

Introduction to Personality Styles

Personality Styles Deep Dive

Instructions on Assessing Your Natural Style

What is Your Natural Style?

Personality Style Survey

Summary of Key Attributes and Guides to Versatility

Keeping it Real – Personality Styles

Introduction to Personality Styles

Cash and Profit Drivers

Assets, Growth, and People

Prospecting Basics - 3 Hours

Prospecting Introductions and Overview 

Four Realities of Prospecting

Keeping it Real – Four Realities of Prospecting

Objectives, Vehicles, and Messaging

Keeping it Real – Objectives, Vehicles, and Messaging

Action: Research Assignment

Pre-work for Session 1

Basic Prospecting Example

Submit Pre-work for Session 1

Instructor Session 1: Prospecting Basics

Prospecting By phone - 3 Hours

Prospecting by Phone 

Assignment: Develop a Phone Script

Bridges and Closes

Assignment: Complete Your Phone Script

Gatekeepers and Voicemail

Assignment: Leave a Voicemail

Keeping it Real – Prospecting by Phone

Pre-work for Session 2 – Dealing with Gatekeepers

Submit Pre-work for Session 2

Instructor Session 2 – Dealing with Gatekeepers

Prospecting with email and linkedin - 3 Hours

Prospecting by Email

Email Examples

Assignment: Construct a Prospecting Email

Prospecting with Linkedin

Assignment: Linkedin Connection Request

Timing and Familiarity

Keeping it Real – Prospecting by Email and Linkedin

Optional Reading Assignments - 3 Hours

Fanatical Prospecting – 6 chapters 

Online Learning - 5 Hours

Qualifying a Deal

Investigating Prospects and Opportunities

Assignment: Develop Qualifying and Investigative Questions

Pre-work for Session 3: Qualifying and Investigating while Prospecting

Qualifying and Investigating while Prospecting Examples

Submit Pre-work for Session 3

Instructor Session 3: Qualifying and Investigating while Prospecting

Handling Objections

Pre-work for Session 4

Handling Objections Examples

Submit Pre-work for Session 4

Instructor Session 4: Handling Objections

Reading Assignment - 3 Hours

Seeing the Big Picture

Online Learning - 6 Hours

Business Development Tools – Intro

CRM Software

Sales Engagement Software

Sales Engagement Software: Metrics and Analytics

Contact Databases and Social Media

Sales Tools Assignments

Resumes and cover letters - 2 Hour

Resumes: Part 1

Assignment: Submit Shortened Resume

Resumes: Part 2

Resumes Tips 

Example Resumes

Assignment: Edit and Submit Your Resume

Resumes: Part 3

Online Presence - 1 Hour

Online Presence

Assignment: Submit Links

Researching and Applying for Jobs - 1 Hour

Schedule Practice Interview Session

Applying for a Job

List of Recommended Job Boards

Assignment: Research and Select 3 Potential Employers

Assignment: Develop a Cover Letter

Interviewing - 2 Hours

Interviewing: Part 1

Interviewing: Part 2

Interviewing Preparation Tips

Assignment: Prepare for an Interview

Assignment: Schedule Mock Interview

Assignment: Submit Post Interview Email

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