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Hire Our Students

Austin Sales Academy is a 7 week, self-paced, online sales training program that gives you the foundation and skills needed to find, earn, and outperform in your first tech sales job.

  • Online Sales Training
  • Sales Assignments and Assessments
  • Personalized 1×1 Live Coaching
  • Role Playing Exercises
  • Job Interview Preparation

“When I joined Austin Sales Academy I was ready to learn the skills
needed for a new career. What I didn’t expect was to be brought in
and feel like a member of the family. This wasn’t just some dry,
boring course. It was interactive and the instructors spent time with
me, growing the skills I needed to succeed. And it didn’t end when
the course did.”
Suzanne M.
Suzanne M.
“Austin Sales Academy helped me prepare for the tech sales industry by hands on educating me on the must-haves to be a potential candidate in the industry. They have also been by my side through the interview process- through preparation, execution and eventually job offers. They have your best interest in mind because they care about your success. I’m grateful and thankful to have had this opportunity.”
Diego T.
Diego T.
“Military wives naturally develop desirable workplace skills without even being aware. The Austin Sales Academy brought those skills to light! With the perfect amount of mentorship and praise I now have the confidence needed to be a driving force in the tech sales world.
Finally, I am qualified for a career I don’t have to change every time my address does!”
Leslie W.
Leslie W.

Want to see if sales is right for you?

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The Sales Exploration Course is a 1 hour informational designed to find out whether you’re a good fit for tech sales and if tech sales is right for you.?

What’s Involved:

  • Education on B2B Tech Sales, Daily Life of Business Development Reps, and How to Prospect
  • Personality Assessment
  • Sales Aptitude Test
  • Final Interview + Results Overview


Who is this Program for?

What you need to have:

1) The ability to learn

2) Good communication skills

3) Grit?

What you don’t need to have:

1) Sales experience

2) College degree

3) Full time commitment

Is that you?

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How does Austin Sales Academy Work?

Step 1

Career Exploration Package
(15 minutes)

Step 2

Austin Sales Academy Bootcamp
(7 Weeks)

Step 3

Technology Sales Job
(Typically within 90 days)

Why Technology Sales?

Always Demand

There is always demand for those seeking sales jobs in dynamic industries. CareerBuilder reports that ?forty-five percent of HR managers currently have jobs they cannot fill because they cannot find qualified talent?


Sales is truly about independence?based on your merits, your schedule. Whether you want to work from home or thrive in a downtown office; sales is about numbers and most good companies will work around your needs.

The Pay

The harder you work, the more you make. Entry level sales reps can expect anywhere from $45K to $80K per year in their first job. After that, the average inside sales rep has a base of $60K with an on target earnings of $118K. From there, the sky is the limit.

Endless Career Paths

Like any good career, the more you succeed, the more opportunities open in front of you. Tech sales can offer a variety of paths forward both in a sales capacity and within other organizations of the company. Sales will give you the understanding of your customer, the product, and why people care.

Do I need to have a experience in sales to start?


It helps, but its not required.?

What we do is give people the training not only to excel but to find the right company and the right role. Most first year technology sales reps fail because they didn?t get the right training or didn?t know how to move up in their career. The training we offer is a shortcut to success that almost no other rep is ever offered. It?s a way to earn as much as you?re willing to work for, to control your own destiny. It?s a way to secure your future in a field where the only limits are those you put on yourself. Lastly, it?s a chance to bring some fun, enjoyment, reward, and satisfaction into what you do every day.

How does that sound??

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